by Ras I-Nation (Twitter: @innercitydub)

Das englische Original des Gedichts im “Reggae & Rassismus”-Special in Riddim #104

Tourist, Europeans, when you visit Jamaica and other “Third World” countries, 

Nations that are the product of how Europe underdeveloped non-Europeans

Do be mindful of your words and deeds

The local is never wrong

For four hundred years he was never right,

So that you now exercise the privilege of travelling for pleasure    

When you first travelled to these nations you were driven by the lust for wealth

You were called Conquerors then, but now driven by the lust for pleasure you are known as Tourist

Conqueror touring his domain 

Nations you don’t travel for leisure are those you haven’t wholly conquered,

Their primary inbound still for wealth and power

Nations of your domain on the other hand transformed from plantations to resorts 

Drunk on wealth seems only natural a pleasureful relief 

Same people that gratified your wealth lust, now indulge, “all inclusive”, your pleasure lust 

Be mindful of their conquered state of being 

Be mindful they were stolen from their home, and from them, their world and reality

Be mindful that they are educated to solve your problems and not their own

Be mindful of their right to be unconquered and reclaim all what’s rightfully theirs

Be mindful of your duty not to interfere

Though in your service be mindful of their right to be treated not just as equals but as masters 

Be overstanding of their hustle

Pay full and more 

Give freely and generously

Be loving and grateful

You are forever in their debt 

Throughout history, no other people have served more grandly and selflessly another people 

With their blood, sweat, and tears they’ve not only built you a New World but continue to empower, delight, and “culture” you as soulful as can be 

Over five hundred years and they haven’t ceased to see to your every need

Your real-life Alexa

Justly entitled to never be wrong, at least until fully recovered from their conquered state

They have not the luxury of travelling for pleasure

They travel for bread

High-risk not tourist 

Radar up, on their arrival, best inbound unnoticed

Earn as much as able and remittance home as much as possible, their lust and desire

They aren’t Conquerors, only immigrants seeking a better life in the nations that confiscated their wealth

Some earn enough to return home, even to travel to other nations profiling like tourist 

But not far reminded they are indeed high-risk 

It’s unfair and unjust

Neither in yours or their homeland should they be illtreated 

In theirs, you should treat them as masters and in yours also as honoured guest 

Care for them as they care for you

Remember how they suckled and nurtured you “superior” 

Decline from exploiting or mistaking them inferior

Refrain from being indifferent to or responsible for their plight

By right their lives should be an all-expense covered, paid vacation, for at least four hundred years

True vacationers, not squatters or unfavoured immigrants

Be their guardian angel as they have been yours for the past five hundred years 

With thanksgiving a living sanctuary to their wellbeing  

Though you aren’t racist also be not in denial that racism is still the governing system, the defining factor of both your lives 

Your First World and their Third World both product of racism

You touring and they high-risking all because of racism,

System of subjugating non-whites to white power

Afrika enslaved, Asia colonized and genocide in the Americas its history and handiworks 

Of UN’s nearly 200 nations only European, particularly western Europe, and outposts like the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, as well as a few aligned states are considered First World

The other eighty-five percent nations of the world purposefully underdeveloped for their sake      

Bewildered or sleeping to think Emancipation or Independence decommissioned racism

That the system of white supremacy became a thing of the past

A grand dream while the reality remains it has only evolved in form and practice 

Brutal enforcement displaced with subtle internalization 

Both you and non-Europeans, particularly Afrikans, inculcated by and into the ism of race

As the lionhearted psychiatrist said, “no system of oppression is structured to consciously destroy itself”

The West is the reign of racism,

Conquerors harbouring no desire to give up their conquest

Capitalism, the source and likewise the outgrowth of said racism

No greater gaining the most for the least than Enslavement 

Today’s Capitalist are burdened with paying wages, giving benefits, settling lawsuits and such liabilities their forbearers for four hundred years had the luxury of not knowing

With the conquered people engineered into consumers, those liabilities aren’t really burdening for in short order it all returnto their coffers 

A grand scheme

All by design

Trial and error, not mistakes entail their lives 

Black fate and faith white defined and decided

Sadly, it’s the way things are, and be it you aren’t racist you know it is unjust and truly needs to be a thing of the past 

Their inhibition and disadvantage vs your privilege and immunities, is a curse you care not to pass on to your children or theirs

You never conquered and enslaved or colonized anyone, you aren’t guilty of the system but you have eaten its fruits and drank its wine 

Again, you aren’t racist but your privilege is and it’s not something to be simply discarded

Your undeniable birthright, even death fails a separation

Only the death of the system itself can free you from its curse

Beautiful you are, those recognizing white privilege to be a stain on humanity and are genuinely committed to its complete removal

Against your will the vampires in power perpetuate their devious system but be not deterred, their days are numbered 

Justice will not forever be dethroned by monsters

Keep steadfast to Rastafari with “confidence in the victory of good over evil”  

Being not tourist but “members of a new race,

owing ultimate allegiance not to nations but to the human community”

And please, don’t make the mistake of thinking or accusing the conquered to be racist

It’s a very racist thing to do as it is to be offended by their effort to be unconquered

You must be aware of the nine fundamental areas of activity that racism rears its ugly head

Only through awareness can you truly begin to dismantle this system of evil

And only its destruction can afford a better world

“If you don’t understand Racism/White supremacy, what it is and how it works, everything else you think you understand will only confuse you” 

Not only the conquered but you as well are miseducated and indoctrinated

Both of you nurtured on lies and half-truths 

The most honest account of not only yourself and your history but of the world and its people is not to be found in any white-lie 

Got to be acquainted with the tale of the lion

There you’ll find truth 

Have the courage to be intimate with the veracity of the lionhearted, Frances Cress Welsing, Yosef Ben-Jochannan, John Henrik Clarke, Cheikh Anta Diop, Marimba Ani, Neely Fuller, Franz Fanon, Amos Wilson, Joel Augustus Rogers, Ivan Van Sertima, Walter Rodney, George G. M. James, Michelle Alexander and others of the pride 

Love Marcus Garvey no less than you love Bob Marley

Be moved by Pan-Afrikan (the right and will of Black people to be unconquered and unconquerable) no less than you are moved by reggae (the search for self)   

Racist wittingly embrace their privilege but you wittingly embrace the revolution to end racism

Kudos to you and others like you 

Riddim Newslettah

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